Most frequent questions and answers
No. We have established Void as a community platform to help talented videographers share their amazing content and get discovered and recognised for it. As a result we ask that any persons using the content recognise you for it and help share your profile.

Yes you can both view and download the videos free of charge. However we ask that you please acknowledge the contributor whenever you use their footage. We have tried to make the terms of use as easy (and open) as possible although we advise you to review the terms and conditions around this for clarity. Please at least refer to this quick guide.

As they are giving you their work for free, we ask that you please help them get discovered for their talents by acknowledging them when you use one of their videos. The best way is by tagging their name and profile to the videos as a thank you. Here is an example “Video by John Smith on Voidmedia.co”

Once published we display your videos on voidmedia.co for all to view and enjoy. You can access the full list of your videos and see statistics on each from your profile page.

We don’t accept any videos with audio attached to them. This is due to licencing and privacy issues. We will unfortunately have to decline your submission if it has audio attached.

We will get in touch with you via the email you set your account up with. We aim to review all videos within 24 hours. It will then appear in your profile and on our homepage! If we are unable to accept your submission we will let you know the reasons and provide suggestions for getting it into a suitable form to be hosted online.

When you submit your video we do a quick check just to make sure that it is in a format that shows off its best qualities. We try and have this done within 24 hours.

Filling out a profile as detailed as possible (and keeping it up to date) is highly recommended. Our aim is to help you, as a talented videographer and contributors to Void, to be discovered for your amazing content.

The best way to do this is to add as much detail to your profile as possible. In particular a small bio, photo and a link to your personal website or social media account if you have it. And after that why not send out your Void profile to everyone to show off your catalogue of your work 🙂

If we have not addressed any of your questions or if you have feedback, please contact us at
[email protected]

As we are designing this for you and want to make this the best community sharing platform for droners, we would love to hear your feedback on what you like and don’t like and what you would like to see added to the platform.

Here at Void we value the effort and work that goes into creating amazing aerial content, and whilst Void is all about royalty free sharing of content, we take content theft and false creditation seriously.

If you think someone has falsely posted your content under their name please get intouch with our support team at [email protected] with the details of the post and any supporting information that proves ownership of the content.


If you have a question about anything else, please contact us via email: [email protected]